Dinosaurs Alive Water Theme Park

Dinosaurs Alive Water Theme Park Johor

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Thing To Do In Dinosaurs Alive Water Theme Park

The majority of museums can just have dinosaur skeletons, our practical life-size dinosaur reproductions color variations and reveal skin to offer a much better understanding about how they moved and looked when alive.

These statues vary in size from the 2-foot long Compsognathus to the 85-foot long Brachiosaurus also spits water at intermittent intervals. Kids and adults sliding into the swimming pool surround by moving dinosaurs.

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There appear to be few water slides and the majority of them are kiddy slides. Excitement hunters would most likely be tired right here however kids below 12 appear to delight in the location!

The theme park consists of 2 huge pai water drops where water is dropped over you when the pails are complete and 2 high speed water slides for those who look for delights.

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There is also provide a kiddy pool with baby water slides for kids. An overall of RM2 million was invested in this Dino Theme park which serves a dual function where youngsters can have a good time as well as find out about the ancient age.


Location of Dinosaurs Alive Water Theme Park

It is located at Level 7 of premise KSL Hotel & Resort. It takes about 20 minutes drives from Singapore Changi Airport.


Hotel Near Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park

  1. KSL Hotel & Resort, Johor